Chrome for Android now has a VR mode

Google Cardboard

Google is killing it, when I say this I am referring to their ability to surprise users everyday. Just the other day I had written an article talking about Daydream, Google’s brand-new VR Android software, which will basically allow anyone to create VR content seamlessly. But this time Google has blown my mind with WebVR.

WebVR is an option within Google’s Chrome application for Android, it is an experimental JavaScript API that will make almost everything VR ready. It would require a simple VR viewer, anything from Oculus to Cardboard would work.

A Google WebVR developer Josh Carpenter explains the necessity of bring VR to browsers in order to bride the gap between VR content availability on the web.

Today I can view a WebVR scene on an iOS [device], even if Mobile Safari doesn’t support WebVR API, thanks to a polyfill and device accelerometers. Which is awesome. The web’s got reach,. What the WebVR API gives us on top of that is much richer ecosystem support, things like link traversal between WebVR experiences without dropping out of VR mode, and more.

Now, for the even cooler part of the WebVR platform, it has something called a ‘VR Shell’, which essentially forces websites who are not VR optimized into a VR-viewable environment.

I am personally very impressed with Google’s work with VR so far, as you can probably tell, and I have my reasons. WebVR coming to Chrome from being just on Firefox with nightly builds, this will enable a lot more users to experience the platform with new builds. Also, as I mentioned earlier, this along with Daydream is going to be something very big for the VR world.

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