What classes to take if you are interested in going to medical school

Hi y’all! So I have been thinking about what is something that I wish I knew before coming to college or something that would have been beneficial for a premed in college who is aspiring to become a physician. One of the biggest things that came to mind: knowing what being premed means or what classes it entails and what each of these classes consists of.

I understand that for many students their universities do not have pre-med advisors, and that can be super annoying! (I am with you all). Thus, I decided to write and do a short video on the pre-med prerequisites. If you are in high school take these classes if available in AP or IB. And if you are college students like me, make a schedule!

Making a schedule for all your premed classes can help A LOT! As when you go to college, life can get very busy in a couple of days as a pre-med. As you are trying to constantly juggle all of your extracurriculars and grades. I have personally had this experience, as I am the type of students who is heavily involved as I am also passionate about many things as many of you are. So what is the fix?

  • Make a schedule
  • Start planning early (This will allow you to also take class that interest you outside of science)
  • Make sure to have a balanced schedule (Pain is temporary, GPA is forever – at-least as a premed ūüėČ )
  • Balance your extracurriculars carefully, do not overwhelm yourself (especially as a freshman!)
  • These classes should preferably be finished a semester before the MCAT semester.
Make sure to watch my video below for a walkthrough of all the requirements.
Also, my next video is coming up soon on premed lifestyle! 

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